Want to Buy a House But no Deposit? Here is Some Advice…


October 7, 2020

Saving for a home deposit can be difficult. But, no deposit doesn’t mean you can’t get a home loan. Read on to find out what options there might be, and which one may suit you best.

If you have no deposit saved or very minimal savings you still have options available to help get your on the pathway to make home ownership a reality.

We understand that it can be challenging to save for a deposit while you are still paying rent. So we have a choice of lending options that require little to no savings. If savings are needed, our in-house finance specialists will draft a detailed savings plan for you. So you can buy your new home soon as possible. WOW!

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Saving Tips

Stay at home

Going out with friends is one of the biggest expenses for people who are trying to save for a new home. As a rule, in the months leading up to saving for your first home, you should invite your friends over or go to someone’s house instead of going out. Playing some board games or just catching up over a home cooked meal is not only fantastic bonding time, it also means that you can save all of the money previously spent on overpriced cocktails and tapas.

Get tech savvy

There are a number of apps that can help you manage your money. Apps like Clarity Money will help you figure out where your money is actually going, so you can see where you can close some gaps of on your expenditure. You can even earn some extra money using apps like Acorn, which rounds up your purchases to the nearest dollar and invests the money in your Acorn account.

Get yourself a “side hustle”

If you need to give your bank account a little boost, it might be time to find something you can do on the side. There are thousands of people out there paying off credit card debt and saving for holidays by driving Uber so they can work around their work schedule. If you have a talent, sell it. It’s a gig economy, people.

Bring a packed lunch

The average young worker spends more than $100 per week on lunch when they are out and about working. The best way to reduce your spending is to bring a packed lunch four days per week (you need a day to splurge). Make sure that you make a delicious enjoyable lunch that you look forward to, and you will never need to spend another dollar on overpriced sandwiches ever again.

Pay off your credit card

This is a non-negotiable. If you are not smart with your credit cards, the fees you are regularly charged could be chewing up the potential for you to purchase a new home. Pay off your debt, and start with a clean slate.

Work on your tax return

Make sure you have an excellent receipt filing system so you can maximise your tax return every year! Getting an extra couple of hundred dollars when tax time comes around can ultimately help you crack the deposit number.

Slash and burn

Haven’t gone to the gym in 4 months? Cancel that membership. Go through all of your direct deposits from the bank and see which services you are no longer using. Be vigilant and be aware. Regularly checking your bank account can also help you pick up on any services that you are no longer using, but still paying for! This could add up to thousands of dollars per year.

Coin jars are so hot right now

Did you know that a 600mL Coke bottle full of $2 will equal $1000, give or take. Whether you like a novelty tin, or you’re happy with a clear jar, creating a dumping ground for all of those 20 cent coins saves them from the inevitable destiny they face of falling down the back of a couch.

Without thinking you will potentially be able to save thousands of dollars.

Invest like a pro

If you have a few years before you are in the market, try your hand at investing in different markets. Be aware though, that this is a risky path to take and you could end up losing money. But if not, you could end up saving your entire deposit. Seek professional advice on the best investment plan for your current situation.

The wait-a-minute rule

Whilst you are on the path to saving, enforce a rule on all purchases of a discretionary nature. For new clothes and shoes, wait 30 minutes before you actually purchase that item and for larger purchases, give it a few days. This will both avoid buyer’s remorse and overspending on unnecessary items.

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All you need is $1,500. Start making your home ownership dream a reality. Simply fill out the form below and one of our friendly House & Land Specialists will be in touch.

Getting the right finance can influence your financial stability for years to come. So we don’t take a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Our in-house finance team will tailor a solution to meet your needs. They have a variety of options and will find the right loan for your budget.

Do I need a deposit? If I sign up and pay a deposit and my circumstances change do I get a refund?

The initial deposit covers the work done to organise the best loan for you. It also counts towards the lender’s deposit. Arranging the best loan application does take a fair amount of time, so it is non-refundable. If at first your finance isn’t approved, the deposit is honoured until we get it approved for you. WOW!

The WOW Homes goal is to find the best possible home loan for you. One that is tailored to your needs. We take care of the application process and ensure you get all government grants that you’re entitled to.

We provide settlement support and arrange all insurances. So we save you time and make it easy. To make this all possible, we work with our trusted in-house teams. Even more WOW – we don’t charge you. 

Because our vision is to get as many Western Australians into their own homes, we will help you regardless of your financial situation. You might think you won’t qualify for finance, but you’ll be surprised after speaking to a WOW Homes building consultant. So give it a go!

Our in-house finance teams make the home loan process easy to understand. Forget all the jargon! Loan terms, fixed rates, stamp duty, low deposit loans, guarantor loans… we’ll help you understand it all.

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