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Getting The Right Finance

Getting The Right Finance

The WOW Homes goal is to find the best possible home loan for you. One that is tailored to your needs. We take care of the application process and ensure you get all government grants that you’re entitled to.

We provide settlement support and arrange all insurances. So we save you time and make it easy. To make this all possible, we work with our trusted in-house teams. Even more WOW – we don’t charge you.

Because our vision is to get as many Western Australians into their own homes, we will help you regardless of your financial situation. You might think you won’t qualify for finance, but you’ll be surprised after speaking to a WOW Homes building consultant. So give it a go!

Our in-house finance teams make the home loan process easy to understand. Forget all the jargon! Loan terms, fixed rates, stamp duty, low deposit loans, guarantor loans… we’ll help you understand it all.

All you need is $1,500. Start making your home ownership dream a reality. Simply fill out the form below and one of our friendly House & Land Specialists will be in touch.


Finance Options

Getting the right finance can influence your financial stability for years to come. So we don’t take a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Our in-house finance team at Snap Finance will tailor a solution to meet your needs. They have a variety of options and will find the right loan for your budget.


Keystart loans are great because they offer a low interest rate and require a low deposit. As little as 1% in genuine savings is enough to get started. And there is no mortgage insurance or ongoing monthly fees. A Keystart loan is only available to first homebuyers who are owner-occupiers and not investors.


Got a parent, brother or sister that would like to help you get into your first home? Guarantor loans are a great way of letting your parents or immediate family members help out. By using the equity in their home, they can act as a guarantor to assist with your finance.

5% Low Deposit
Home Loans

Low Deposit Home Loans require a 5% deposit. This does not need to be from genuine savings. Instead, you can use your tax refund, cash gift or an inheritance so long as certain criteria are met.

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