3 Key Points of a Block Soil Site Review in Perth


January 14, 2017

Buying a house and land package in Perth? One critical aspect that requires your utmost attention is the site where you want your new home built. Other than just evaluating convenience, safety and investment growth rates, be sure to take a close look at the actual block itself. Although it is the builder’s job to ensure that the block options on offer are suitable for home construction, it pays to be extra diligent on your part. Before you pick your home design, take note of these 3 important factors when choosing your parcel of land:


With an ideal block orientation, your home can be more energy-efficient. In Perth, the most widely sought blocks are generally those with a north-south alignment, with the back portion facing the north. That is because rooms facing north tend to receive more sunlight during winter and less of it in the warmer months, which in turn leads to lower heating and cooling costs. Consider getting an expert’s opinion on how your block’s exposure to the elements will affect your future home.


Usually, the steeper the land, the more expensive it is to build on. Be wary of blocks that lie below road level since they can be at risk of runoffs during heavy rains. Check the slope around the building for any signs of erosion, as these would have reduced topsoil depth and the land would require more levelling and filling as a result. In addition, the site’s steepness influences your home’s stability over the topsoil.

Soil type

The type of soil will affect all earthworks and land retention costs, so be sure to have it classified per Australian Standard 2870. When checking soil type, determine how “reactive” it is. This property pertains to the soil’s potential to expand and shift based on the amount of moisture present. Leave no detail to chance so your home’s footing remains secure in the event of any soil movement that would otherwise cause it to swell or sink.

The construction site can have serious implications on your home’s structural integrity, energy efficiency, and overall longevity. Ensuring that your site options in Perth are of the best quality all starts by consulting a reputable provider of house and land packages such as Wow! Homes.

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