Let’s Floor It! Your Guide to Carpet, Vinyl and Tiles


February 6, 2023

The floor is the foundation of your home, and it needs to both look good and be durable. This comprehensive guide covers our flooring options, from the cozy feel of carpet to the cool touch of tiles.

The floor is the foundation of your home, and it’s gotta look good and be tough as nails!


Whether you’re a fan of the cosy feeling of carpet or the coolness of tiles, we’ve got the lowdown on all the flooring options that will make your home look and feel like a dream.


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Cosy Carpet

Carpet is super soft underfoot, making it perfect for a place where you want to relax and feel comfortable. It’s like having a cosy blanket for your feet!

Not only that, but it also helps keep the noise level down and the room warm. Plus, with so many colours and patterns to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the perfect match for your home’s theme.


We have a few different carpet styles to choose from which are available in a huge range of colours:

  • First View – Soft feel, cut pile twist style
  • Rosaline – Chunky loop style
  • Summit Point – Textured tufted loop pile style

Want a carpet that’s as unique as you are? Let our Prestart Consultant help you pick one that fits your lifestyle and wallet perfectly!

Value-Packed Vinyl

Vinyl sheet flooring is a popular choice for many first homeowners because of its versatility and affordability. Vinyl sheet flooring is available in a wide range of colours, making it easy to find the perfect match for the aesthetic of your home! Vinyl sheet flooring is easy to install and maintain, so you can enjoy your new floors with minimal fuss.


Vinyl planks mimic the look of hardwood flooring and are a cost-effective alternative to real hardwood. Whereas hybrid flooring is a combination of laminate and vinyl. Both vinyl planks and hybrid flooring are easy to install and maintain, making them a great option for high traffic areas. Just a heads up, vinyl planks and hybrid flooring are an upgrade option and tend to be more expensive than other flooring options.

Terrific Tiles

While tiles are most often used in bathrooms and laundries, tiles can also work well in living areas! Particularly for homes in warmer climates and coastal locations. Featuring a hard, solid surface that does not attract or hold onto dirt, dust, or allergens, tiles are simple to clean, and will stand up to the rigours of everyday life with ease. It’s worth noting that tiles are an upgrade option, however the durability and design options can make the investment well worth it in the long run.


Not sure what’s best for your home? Ask a WOW Homes Prestart Consultant for expert guidance during your Prestart appointment!

Supporting Local

As one of the leading WA-based first home building companies, we’re proud to offer floor coverings from Trevors Carpets – Western Australia’s largest supplier of timber, vinyl planks, hybrids, laminate, and carpets. Supplying superior flooring solutions at the best possible prices, you’ll be sure to find a floor with WOW factor for your new home!

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