Ideas for Creating a Warm and Inviting Open Plan Living Space


October 25, 2022

Whether you are starting to build your new home soon, or if you’re looking for a little inspiration, here’s a few tips to help you create a stylish and seamless open plan space in which your family will love to live.

Open plan living is synonymous with contemporary homes, it enhances the feeling of space and light, improves flow, and creates a space that works for the whole family in a wide range of situations. Whilst open plan is a popular modern design choice, these large spaces can feel cold and uninviting, and appear disjointed if not thought out, planned, and styled carefully.

Plan the Space as a Whole

Whilst an open plan home typically incorporates a living area, dining space, kitchen and sometimes even a study or workspace, it’s important to think about the scheme as a whole. Each different space requires definition, however, there must be a common thread that brings it all together. Weaving complementary colours, finishes, and furniture from one space to the other ensures a smooth transition and ensures the spaces tie together for an aesthetically pleasing effect.

Create Cosy Zones

The benefit of open plan living is that each room blends into one large space, creating a multi-functional zone that can adapt to almost any situation. However, defining each zone is still important. You can create boundaries and definition by utilising creative furniture placement, clever lighting, and strategically placed floor rugs. You can also incorporate a focal point in each adjacent space, such as a fire place in the living zone or a show-stopping light fixture over the dining table. These standout elements catch the eye and help to divide the space.

Choose Cohesive Colours

A common colour palette throughout is key to creating consistency and cohesion. That’s not to say you need to stick to a single colour throughout all zones, as this can result in a one-dimensional aesthetic. Select a sophisticated neutral tone for the walls and then choose a broad accent colour such as blue, or green. You can then layer different tones and shades of your accent colour in every zone to create depth, warmth, and visual interest. Be careful to stick to one or two accent colours, as too many hues and textures can be overwhelming, especially in smaller homes.

Flow The Same Flooring Throughout

Whether you choose timeless real timber floorboards, cost-effective floating floors, tiles, or vinyl planks, the same flooring should be extended from the kitchen into the living and dining spaces. Flooring is a key element that connects all the zones together, creating a seamless transition, continuity, and flow. To maximise the feeling of space, it’s vital that the eye has no visual interruption within the floors.

Pay Attention to the Details

The key to creating cosiness is to style the space with carefully chosen materials and accessories that exude a warm and inviting ambience. Adding layers through the use of throw blankets, scatter cushions and other tactile elements creates warmth, while natural textures that bring the outdoors in always add a sense of calm. Thoughtfully furnishing and styling your open plan room adds personality, improves functionality, and ensures you get the most out of your space.


Open plan living design is popular for a reason, it creates flexible, multi-functional spaces that work perfectly for modern family living. It brings families together and maximises the available floor space to create a versatile home that can cater to almost anything.

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