How much will it cost to build your own house?


November 4, 2020

The “real world” figure to build a house depends on a number of factors. From where the house is located to the size and cost of the block it’s built on. Find out what it costs to build a house in Western Australia.

Do Your Research

It is vital to ensure you research builders thoroughly as there are so many to choose from and will offer assistance in sourcing land options to help build your dream home.

Firstly reputation is key, what have others said?

This will be the main source of truth to help you narrow down who you even want to meet with. Platforms such as Product Review that are independent sites, where reviews are honest and have no ability to be altered or hidden should be utilised.

The cheapest isn’t always the best! Stay away from too good to be true house designs and packages. If you are looking to proceed with a builder that has lots of the nice sparkly and fancy inclusions for a cheap price, this is a red flag, have the important costs been factored into the price? This includes things like siteworks which can blow out and be a huge cost if these haven’t been included in your package price. What kind of bricks and method is being used to build your house? A cheaply built foundation will only result in headaches down the track which cannot be fixed easily or without significant financial impact.

A builder with a good reputation that is not willing to sacrifice on quality will be confident in the packages on offer when meeting with you, they will not try to over-compensate with all of the “extras”.

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Do your research thoroughly on where you want to build. Does the area suit your lifestyle currently and for the next five to ten years? Be open minded to options presented to meet your lifestyle needs and wants, as your Consultant will present additional options that you may not have considered, you might be surprised!

Ultimately having a list of your needs and wants will assist in determining the right location for you to build your home. This will also help guide building the house and land package.

Building a Package

Each suburb has ranked house prices within three categories (Upper Quartile, Median and Lower Quartile). Your house and land package is reviewed by Bank Valuers and either approved or declined based on the house package price (house + land = house package price).

First home buyers should be prepared to keep their house package within the median quartile bracket for the best possible chance of obtaining finance approval without delay. REIWA has a tool that can be used to source this information:

Block Choice

When selecting your block it is important to consider the following as this can cost you significantly in time and money:

  • Will the block require planning approval? Blocks under 260sqm require planning review and approval which can take 3 months or more.
  • Is the block titled? Blocks that aren’t titled by the developer will delay any work that can proceed until the titles are received.
  • Is any site clearing work required? A site that hasn’t been cleared will need this to be done prior to construction commencing which could result in an additional expense.
  • Does the block require retaining? Retaining if not provided by the developer or the seller will require an additional expenses and need to be arrange prior to construction commencing.


Be mindful that you select a package that is affordable; your Consultant, Builder and Finance Specialist should guide you along the right path to ensure you are not locked into something you cannot afford or are not happy with. Living in a home you can’t afford will place you under unnecessary stress.

Key Milestones to Start the Journey

  1. Initial consultation – a Finance Health Assessment (FHA) will be conducted to establish your borrowing capacity or how much the banks will lend you.
  2. Consultant will help structure a house and land package in an area that you want to be.
  3. Documentation for House, Land and Finance will be prepared and then lodged to the recommended lender for what is known as Formal Approval.
  4. Once your loan application is formally approved by the bank the builder can commence works for the construction of your new home.

At WOW Homes, we are problem solvers, we help our clients achieve their dream of home ownership. We can assist with these areas of focus in getting our clients into a position where they’re able to build their first dream home, without over-stretching themselves.

There’s nothing more satisfying than turning the lock on their brand new home.

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