How Long Does it Really Take to Build a New Home in Perth?


December 16, 2022

We love nothing more than seeing happy clients settle into their new dream homes, so you can rest assured that our team always go above and beyond it make the process happen as quickly as possible – without compromising on quality.

When can I move in?! This is one question that all eager Perth first home owners want the answer to, and rightly so! When you build with WOW Homes, your new life will start in WOW time – that’s our promise. We love nothing more than seeing happy clients settle into their new dream homes, so you can rest assured that our team always go above and beyond it make the process happen as quickly as possible – without compromising on quality. The time it takes to build a new home may vary from scenario to scenario, as there are multiple influencing factors. Read on to learn about just a few of them.

Council Approvals

To begin your new home – we need a building permit. A building permit is the council approval of your final construction documents which is required prior to construction commencement! We do this on your behalf, and it allows for the construction of your home to begin! Sometimes the building permit can take a few weeks, as the council will need to consider the specifics of the site, any objections from neighbours, as well as heritage and environmental concerns in the local area. That’s why it’s so much easier to choose a house and land package with WOW Homes – we do the heavy lifting! Perth is home to some exciting estates which feature all the facilities you need for modern family living. Choosing a house and land package through a reputable first home builder such as WOW Homes makes the process seamless – simply choose your land in the location you want, select a house design you love, and let us handle the rest. WOW!

Site Conditions

Is your block on a slope? What’s the soil condition? Is access limited? Are there trees in the way?


These aspects can all add time to the construction process. Not all sites are created equal! A flat and clear site which requires minimal levelling will usually make for a quicker build. All of the sites offered by WOW Homes have been carefully chosen. You can choose with confidence knowing that there won’t be any unforeseen site issues which will hold things up.


Unfortunately, the weather is one thing that no one can control! Long periods of rain, high winds, or extremely hot days can put a halt on construction. Whilst our tradies are dedicated to the job, sometimes it’s just not safe to have them on site. As a new home builder in Perth with decades of experience, we plan and allow for a certain amount of inclement weather days in every build, so you can be confident that La Nina won’t rain on your parade.


Fires, floods, and a global pandemic…the last couple of years has seen unprecedented challenges arise, and the construction industry has not been immune! Whilst most material supplies are back on track, by selecting ‘non-standard’ items or colours you run the risk of encountering lengthy delays – but thankfully our amazing in-house Prestart/Colour Selection Advisor will guide you through choosing the best (in stock) options for your new home!


Revisions or extensive customisation will add to your timeline, especially if changes are made after construction has commenced and all the materials have been ordered. When you collaborate with WOW Homes, you get to choose from a huge range of stunning house designs so you can be sure you will find one that perfectly suits your lifestyle, without the need for any changes. No changes = no delays!

House Designs

A standard single story home with WOW Homes can take anywhere from 9-12 months in construction from slab down to key handover! House and land packages provide one of the quickest pathways to home ownership.

Let us take the stress away when you work with our expert team to determine the perfect house and land package to suit your budget and lifestyle. Simple!

The First Home Builders Perth Families Can Rely On

We’re called WOW Homes for a reason! Unlike many other builders in Perth, we are here to make your life easier. You can expect professional help and support throughout the entire process, from finance to key handover and beyond.


You’ll always receive clear and upfront communication from us, so you’re always in the loop. We offer our ‘9 Month Build Strategy’ so you can have the peace of mind that your build will be completed to the highest standard in a timely way. It’s never been easier to escape the rent trap and receive the keys to your very own, brand-new dream home in Perth.


Your new life can start today – give us a call on (08) 9318 6000 to find out more!

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