How to furnish your new home affordably


February 8, 2018

Buying your first home is an exciting time in everyone’s life. The second most exciting? Furnishing your first home! There is a massive potential to rack up credit card debt or try and get a personal loan, but you don’t need to. It is possible to furnish your first home on the cheap. All you need is a great deal of elbow grease and a budget-sniffing sixth sense – and our handy tips for saving a pretty penny.

1) Upcycle from charity stores

Second-hand stores are a treasure trove of exciting and unique pieces for your new home. Often times, deceased estates or people doing a good spring clean will donate their bits and pieces to different stores. You will find some great things at Good Sammy’s or The Salvation Army, that you can do up with a slick of paint and some minor repairs, and house in your new home.

2) Go under the hammer

Police auctions and auctions of closed down businesses are the perfect place to pick up a steal! Sometimes the bids will go so low that you can save thousands on the items that you need to purchase. There are plenty of auctions happening around Perth, so make sure you check one out!

3) Secondhand furniture stores

For larger items that you need in your home, it’s always a good idea to give secondhand furniture stores a solid go. You might even be able to pick up a great collectable at an amazing price. Have a good research and some stores even have a Facebook page, so you can check out the furniture before you head down!

4) Know where to look

Often times, the best deals are hiding right under our noses. Affordable chains such as Kmart or Ikea will often have look books that mean you can furnish your whole home at a cheap price. An entire kitchen set can often cost you less than a $50 note. Check out this statement chair we found at Kmart for $50.

5) Download the Gumtree app

Gumtree is the perfect place to find a deal on any of those essentials items you need in your home. It’s perfect for cooking appliances, furniture or whitegoods. Keep your eye on the prize and make sure you regularly check back.

6) Check out Facebook marketplace

Another fantastic place to look for second-hand goods is Facebook Marketplace. When the marketplace launched, it took off instantly. Now, you can find any number of awesome second-hand goods that you can use to decorate your home.

7) Visit the local garage sales

In a pre-online era, the local garage sale was the equivalent of Gumtree. But there are still garage sales happening around town every weekend. Sometimes you can pick up a whole lounge room or an old bed for next to nothing. Check out the local guides on the garage sales happening around town, but don’t be afraid to travel because sometimes the deals are so good it pays for your tank of fuel 10 times over!

8) Go to a swap meet

Swap meets are also a great way to find second-hand goods at a very reasonable price. You can often find some great pieces for your home. There are some key swap meets around town, one of which is Wanneroo in the northern suburbs.

9) Ask for a discount

When, and if, you do buy anything new, always ask for a cash discount on the asking price – no matter the store. More often than not, you will find that they are able to take something off the price, even if it is only $20.

10) Use what you have

Once you see the potential of all the items you already have lying around your home, you will see that sometimes you can make something out of nothing. Find creative ways to build what you need using what you already have. A palette becomes a palette table, a window frame becomes a piece of artwork – it’s simple!

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