House and Land Packages in Perth’s Northern Suburbs


January 24, 2019

Many young Western Australians are looking for affordable house and land packages in Perth’s northern suburbs. If you’re looking to build your first home on a budget Perth’s northern suburbs has a vast array of options for house and land packages. When looking for your first home, it all comes down to lifestyle. Recently, the state government invested millions in extending the freeway further north, connecting our northern corridor to Perth’s CBD. This means it is a great time for first home buyers to buy in the northern suburbs of Perth. With investments in the area such as Metronet and the Ellenbrook Railway, Perth’s Northern Suburbs are looking increasingly attractive for first home buyer. With so much choice out there, this article aims to guide first home buyers through the various options so you can make an informed choice as to where to build.

The most popular locations for house and land packages in Perth’s northern suburbs are:

  • Yanchep
  • Alkimos
  • Butler
  • Clarkson
  • Banskia Grove
  • Sinagra
  • Landsdale
  • Ellenbrook
  • Brabham
  • Caversham
  • Dayton

Yanchep – beachside living at its best

Yanchep has long been renowned for its beautiful beaches and coastal lifestyle, but it’s more than a coastal destination nowadays. With a brand new shopping and the announcement of train extension, it is an exciting time to be living in Yanchep.

Land Estates – Jindowie, Yanchep Golf Estate, Capricorn
Distance from Perth City – 42 minutes
Schools in the Area – Yanchep Beach Primary School, Yanchep Lagoon Primary School, Yanchep District High School, Atlantis Preschool Yanchep
Shopping Centres – Yanchep Central Shopping Centre


  • 5 minutes from the beach
  • Close-knit community
  • Yanchep National park

Alkimos – a coastal community

Live the dream- live just metres from the beach! With a future shopping centre, high school due to open in 2020 and more amenities just around the corner, Alkimos will be the place to for the next 20 years.

Land Estates – Shorehaven, Trinity, Alkimos Beach
Distance from Perth City – 32 minutes
Schools in the Area – Alkimos Beach Primary School, Northshore Christian Grammar School, Alkimos Baptist College, Great Beginnings Alkimos, Alkimos Primary School
Shopping Centres – The Gateway Shopping Precinct


  • 5 minutes to the beach
  • Close to Butler Train Station
Perth Northern Beaches Suburbs Resize Crop

Butler – everything you could ask for

With easy access to the freeway and the new Butler train station, all the amenities you could need on your doorstep, and 10 minutes to the beach, Butler has everything you could need!

Land Estates – Brighton, Eden Beach
Distance from Perth City – 32 minutes
Schools in the Area – East Butler Primary School, Butler College
Shopping Centres – Butler Central Shopping Centre


  • New train station
  • Family-friendly living

Clarkson – a thriving local community

Clarkson was developed in the 90s and has grown to be a thriving coastal community. Clarkson offers all the amenities you would expect of a thriving town centre including train station, shopping centre and schools.

Land Estates – Catalina
Distance from Perth City – 28 minutes
Schools in the Area – Clarkson Primary School, Clarkson Community High School, St Andrew’s Catholic Primary School, Somerly Primary School
Shopping Centres – Ocean Keys Shopping Centre


  • Bars and restaurants
  • Close to infrastructure
  • Plenty of local events, including Farmer’s Market Park areas

Banksia Grove – community, convenience and connection

Banksia Grove offers a vibrant, master-planned community that you and your family can be proud to call home. With great schools, beautiful parklands and all the amenities you would need close by, Banksia Grove is affordable convenience.

Land Estates – Banksia Grove
Distance from Perth City – 29 minutes
Schools in the Area – Banksia Grove Primary School, St. John Paul II Catholic Primary School, Joseph Banks Secondary College
Shopping Centres – Lakeside Joondalup, Banksia Grove Village Shopping Centre


  • Modern shopping facilities
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Walking trails and parks
  • Close proximity to Edith Cowan University

Sinagra – a great place to live and grow

Situated between Wanneroo Town Centre and Joondalup Lake Nature Reserve, Sinagra is rapidly becoming a much sought after suburb for first home buyers.

Land Estates – Garden Park Heights, Lago Vista
Distance from Perth City – 28 minutes
Schools in the Area – St Anthony’s School, Wanneroo Primary School, Spring Hill Primary School, East Wanneroo Primary School
Shopping Centres – Lakeside Joondalup, Wanneroo Central, Wyatt Grove


  • Numerous family and community events
  • Family-friendly
  • Proximity to shopping regions

Landsdale – where community living comes to life

With parks, lakes and shopping centres at arm\’s length, Landsdale is the perfect place to build your first family home.

Land Estates – Carimbia, Matilda Estate, Darling Rise
Distance from Perth City – 22 minutes
Schools in the Area – Landsdale Christian School, Landsdale Primary School, Landsdale Farm School, Ashdale Secondary College
Shopping Centres – Kingsway Shopping Centre


  • Local medical centre
  • Community sports

Ellenbrook – established affordable living

With development starting in 1992, Ellenbrook provides a well-established community for your first home. Schools and all amenities are available within Ellenbrook and with the Morley/Ellenbrook METRONET in the pipeline, Ellenbrook is looking a very attractive place to invest.

Land Estates – Ellenbrook, Annie’s Landing
Distance from Perth City – 40 minutes
Schools in the Area – Ellenbrook Christian College, Ellenbrook Primary School, Ellenbrook Secondary College, St Helena’s Catholic Primary School, Ellen Stirling Primary School
Shopping Centres – Ellenbrook Central


  • Family-friendly
  • Major retailers and range of food outlets
  • Growings Arts community
  • Close to Swan Valley
  • Close to Whiteman Park

Brabham – enjoy the treasures of the Swan Valley

With the vibrant Swan Valley right on your doorstep and only 30 minutes from the city, Brabham is a very attractive opportunity for first time home buyers.

Land Estates – Brabham Estate, Whiteman Edge, Avonlee, Ariella Private Estate
Distance from Perth City – 33 minutes
Schools in the Area – Beechboro Christian School, Beechboro Primary School, Swan Valley Anglican Community School
Shopping Centres – Whiteman Edge Village, Altone Park Shopping Centre


  • Proximity to Whiteman Park
  • Food choices

Caversham/Dayton – rare earth on Perth’s northern corridor

Finding land close to Perth city and within the Swan Valley area is rare as hen’s teeth. With METRONET just around the corner, and affordable prices for first home buyers, you’ll want to consider this fantastic location as an option.

Land Estates – Brookleigh, St Leonards, Taylor Estate, Suffolk Park Estate, Golden Vines Estate
Distance from Perth City – 26 minutes
Schools in the Area – Caversham Primary School, Nido Early School Caversham, East Beechboro Primary School,
Shopping Centres – Midland Gate, Caversham Village Shopping Centre


  • Wildlife park
  • Proximity to the Swan Valley
  • Proximity to Perth Airport

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