Home Builders in Perth Give You a Closer Look at Display Homes


January 23, 2017

Like the bedroom and kitchen displays you’d often find at malls, a display home is designed to pique your interest. The structure gives you a peek into what your life would be like in a fully constructed home of your own. Therefore, it is only smart for a first-time home buyer like you to visit several display homes. This way, you can get an idea of what you should expect from your new home construction.

Home builders would also advise that you at least have an idea of what to look for in a display home. Here are some helpful tips.

Explore and Inspect

A house is a major investment, so it is only proper that you give it serious thought. Take your time and try not to fall hopelessly in love with the first design you see. Visit at least a few display homes and inspect each one carefully. Take note of what you like or don’t like about each display home and do not hesitate to ask the builder about details that excite your curiosity. In addition, look beyond aesthetic appeal. Consider the quality of the construction materials, structural stability, location and other important details.

Floorplan and Layout

Some display homes may appeal more to you than others for various reasons. For instance, if you are constructing for a family of four, you may find a two-storey home more ideal than a one-storey home. Consider how many bedrooms, baths, extra rooms, recreational spaces and storage there will be. Do you prefer the spacious elegance of the open floor layout or the privacy offered by traditional layouts? These choices will largely depend on your needs and desires.

Upgrades and Features

A display home gives you an idea of what the house could look like. It is not, however, intended to be an accurate representation of what you’re going to get because you will always have options to change. Ask the representative if the display house you are viewing is built according to the standard specifications or if it is an upgraded version. Take a look at what features will be included and which don’t come as part of the package. You can also ask the builder if (and how) you could add a few features of your own.

Assessing a display home’s design carefully based on your needs and preferences is the best way to get the dream home you’ve always wanted. Work with a trusted home builder in Perth such as WOW Homes to facilitate the process.


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