Home and Land Packages in Perth: What to look for in the ideal builder


February 3, 2017

The Economist’s liveability index counts Perth among the world’s top 10 best cities to live in, along with three other Australian cities. The city proper and the nearby suburbs draw quite a number of prospective home buyers. Those who are looking to own their own homes for the first time would do well to consider home and land packages.

The advantages

A prospective home buyer typically has to get the assistance of an agent to find a block of land then find a builder to construct the house. In other words, the buyer has to deal with two separate entities. This can make the whole process of home purchase so much more complex and time-consuming than necessary. With packages, the buyer only has to work with a single contractor when it comes to finding a good location and building the home, as explained by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

As for location, buyers virtually don’t have to worry about lot availability as they simply need to choose a home design and features and let the builder take care of the rest. Aside from price points, developers who offer house and land packages also keep their products competitive by making sure buyers are able to obtain blocks of land at great locations.

Choosing a builder

It is also important to choose a builder wisely, and this starts with having a look at the home designs on offer. You can either visit display homes or visit the websites of builders like WOW! Homes where you can view each home design in greater detail. You might also want to know about the developer’s policies including how much customisation they allow, where they get supplies, what they can provide you in terms of estimated time of completion, and the like.

More importantly, make it a point to enquire about how the builder is able to comply with the standards set forth by the Building Code of Australia (BCA). The BCA governs the construction of all buildings in the country and aims to ensure that the relevant “safety, health, amenity, and sustainability” goals are met. You would do well to choose a builder that makes an effort not only to meet but also to exceed these standards, especially if you wish to own a home of exceptional quality and structural integrity.

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