Top indicators you’re dealing with a reputable Perth home builder


February 7, 2017

If you’re building a home for the first time, there are a few key points that you should take into account to make certain that you are choosing the right home builder

Market exposure

Recent reports have pointed out that the real estate market in Perth is seeing a bit of what is known as a “correction”. In other words, there are a greater number of listings for sale at lower prices than in the past. However, a substantial amount of construction is still taking place, and new homes exist in great numbers. The levels of exposure that any builder has to the market will directly correlate with the price that a buyer can expect to pay.

Experience counts

Most experts within the industry agree that the reliability of a builder is associated with the number of years that the company has been present within the industry. Although every professional literally starts from the ground up, the fact of the matter is that experience reflects trust, and customers can remain confident that they will receive quality services.


Home builders such as Wow! Homes are always ready to accommodate the needs of the customer. Should you require a bespoke design, the firm must be capable of addressing these requirements with clarity and insight. Flexibility is another sign that the company is worth a further look. This malleability should also extend to your unique budget and their ability to address your financial limits without any “hidden fees” or other frustrating scenarios.


It is always wise to ask for examples of past work. Any good firm will be happy to show you previous projects. You can then gauge their level of expertise, and it is not uncommon for client testimonials to be present alongside these real-world representations of their experience.

One of the first steps in building a home for the first time is appreciating the qualifications of the building firm. These are a handful of the most important steps that will guide you in the right direction. Any new home is a very real investment, so choose your builder wisely.

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