An Introduction to the Benefits of House and Land Packages in Perth


February 9, 2017

If you’ve been holding onto a long-running dream of having a brand new home, you may have the term “house and land package” come up a few times. This is becoming an increasingly common option for people who want a new place, and comes with several benefits when compared to buying older property. If you’re still a little confused about the whole thing, here’s a brief introduction to house and land packages in Perth.

First of all, the question that may have brought you here; what exactly is a house and land package? Most residential construction in Perth today is done by property developers who acquire land when the government releases it. These developers will be responsible first for laying down the infrastructure for a residential area; roads, water, electricity and so forth, and then have a choice in how to proceed.

They can either build homes on the property and then sell them on as a house and land package, or draft a number of either fixed or customisable house designs available to the public. If you look around specifically for the latter kind of property deal, you’ll gain an advantage in that you’ll know that the house being built is suited specifically for your needs.

Another attractive thing about house and land packages is their low maintenance costs, and that you’re pretty much guaranteed not to have any major repairs to pay for to begin with. In this day and age, there’s also an added advantage in that you’re more likely to get environmentally friendly materials and techniques during construction. In recent years, sustainability has become more and more important in the housing industry of Australia as a whole.

While there are no fixed rules as to where you’d go looking for a house and land package, they’re generally targeted at a specific kind of buyer, and are especially suited to first home buyers. First Home Builders such as WOW Homes offer house and land packages all over the Perth metropolitan area in a variety of designs to surely appeal to your particular style choice.

The main difference in terms of finance for house and land packages is that it’s normally carried out in a couple of steps: buying the land, and then the house. While here and there you’ll find developers who arrange their loans separately, you’re more likely to find a deal that’s all bundled together to keep things simple.


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