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The question on every first home owner’s mind is “should I buy or build?”

While each have their advantages, building your own home has immeasurable benefits, especially when you choose an experienced builder like WOW Homes. Here’s why:

Added Flexibility

  • Finding a home you like in a location you adore is a challenging task when you’re looking to buy an existing home.
  • The benefit of building your own home is that you have more control over each of these variables. We have a wide selection of home designs that cater to every lifestyle, with stylistic flexibility within each design. This, combined with our wide range of Perth locations, allows you the freedom to get the house you want in the location you want.

Everything is new

  • Building a new home is an investment that allows you to start fresh without worrying that some element of the home is on its last legs. New plumbing, new electrical installations, new everything ensures a fresh start.
  • This can save you big on repairs that you were never expecting when you bought an existing home, especially when you build with experienced builders like us that ensure everything is done right the first time.

When it comes to owning your home, you’ll always remember your first. Building your home gives you the freedom and flexibility to make that memory something you’ll cherish for a lifetime.