Benefits of House & Land packages for first home buyers in Perth


February 13, 2017

Most people, when looking to buy a home for the first time, will keep an eye out for existing houses and flats, without considering the other options. Though a lot of people aren’t aware of it, there are a wide variety of benefits in home and land packages for first home buyers in Perth.

First of all, buying land and house packages offers a huge capacity for customisation. Buying a home that’s already built can be great if it’s absolutely perfect for your tastes, but odds are you’ll find something further down the line that is more to your liking. By purchasing a house and land package, you can get involved with every aspect of design. With this kind of freedom, you’ll be able to ensure that your new home fits in nicely with your preferences, and save time, money and other resources in the process.

A clear benefit of house and land packages is that you have the freedom to fit the property with new and emerging technology. Back when older houses were built, architects didn’t keep future technology in mind. If you want something cutting-edge installed on many of these homes, it can be extremely expensive. Depending on your preferences, you’ll be able to furnish a house and land package with more power outlets, smart wiring, recycled water and so on to accommodate your unique needs.

Another thing that makes these packages very appealing to those who are looking to finally own their own homes is that when all the construction is completed, the property can be very tenant friendly should they decide to rent it out. That old rule of location, location, location applies; by choosing a land and house package, you’ll have free rein over where the new place will be set up, so you can attract the kind of tenant you had in mind in the future. Aside from this, new homes are generally more attractive to tenants in both their aesthetic value and functional condition.

Possibly the biggest advantage that comes with house and land packages is the financial difference. Buying a package from a reputable builder such as Wow! Homes is not only a lot more convenient, it’s almost always more cost-effective than paying for the land and house separately. With land and house packages, you’ll also find making payments a lot more simple, and working through the various logistic responsibilities much easier. Depending on your specific situation, buying land and a planned house together can also offer you all kinds of deals you would have missed out on otherwise!

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