How to Reduce New Home Construction Stress


You can never totally steer clear of stressful moments when you are building a home. Understanding their causes and managing those causes effectively, though, is the key to achieving a quality, cost-efficient build. Here are tips on how to minimise the stress you may encounter while constructing your new home here in Perth.

Hire the right builder.

Don’t rely solely on bids. A higher bid does not necessarily mean superior product quality, while a lower bid can mean surprise costs as the construction ensues. Base your builder selection on the following criteria:

  • Local hire. What people say about the builder in your chosen area is a good measure of its reputation. A local Perth home builder of good standing, like WOW! Homes, will have its own established network of subcontractors and suppliers, thereby reducing the time it takes to gather materials and crews.
  • Quality references. Check out the builder’s previous jobs and talk to the homeowners regarding the work quality.
  • Financial soundness. Does the builder pay its bills on time? If its relationship with subcontractors and suppliers leaves much to be desired, you might experience delays in material delivery and find it difficult to keep a solid crew.

Study the contract carefully.

Your respective responsibilities should be clearly indicated in the contract to root out potential areas of disagreement easily. Keep a record of all the papers signed and transactions made so you know exactly where your money goes. It would also be advisable to study your contract with a lawyer’s supervision to make sure all your bases are covered.

Set aside a contingency budget.

A “fixed price” does not involve incidental expenses, so when computing your cost estimates, always provide an allowance for extra hits. It is possible that the builder might discover an unforeseen problem during excavation that will hamper construction. The overall cost will also increase dramatically if you suddenly decide to make changes midway through construction. The best way to prepare for the unknown is to allot room for contingency.

Don’t meddle with the building.

Leave home builders to do their work. Getting involved is advisable but not to the point of micromanaging things or foisting a subcontractor of your own choosing upon your builder. To put your mind at ease, find a builder you can trust right from the start.

While you may encounter a few challenges at the various stages of home construction, you can choose to deal with potential issues in a more constructive manner. Follow the above tips so you can enjoy a much more pleasant new home construction experience.

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