Four Misconceptions about House and Land Packages in Perth Debunked


Aussies in the market for a new home often find that buying an established property sounds like a more convenient and cost-savvy option versus building a new one. However, many home buyers today are surprised at how easy it is to build a brand new home that suited their budget through house and land packages in Perth. This home building option has been increasingly gaining popularity in the past decade. Despite this trend, though, preconceived notions are still hindering some homebuyers from recognising the advantages.

It’s time to debunk the four most common misapprehensions about house and land packages:

Prohibitive costs

If you think long-term, purchasing land and house packages is a more financially efficient option. For one, you can spare your pocket from maintenance expenses in the near future. Reliable builders also provide comprehensive warranty as well for your peace of mind. Moreover, if you’re a first time homebuyer, you may qualify for a government grant. Local Perth builders like WOW! Homes, offer a good range of financing options, including the First Home Owners Grant. Knowing the routes available to you will make saving for that deposit a lot easier.

No design flexibility

Not all house and land packages come fixed. While some comprise of a pre-built home on a lot, so-called “off the plan” packages allow you to choose among a variety of standard designs. You should be able to take a preview of the builder’s craftsmanship quality through floor plans, 3D renders or display homes.

Subpar locations

Builders who conduct market research are aware that the majority of those in the new housing market are families looking to settle in master-planned communities. These areas are close to schools, business hubs, shopping centres and transport links. Moreover, there are parks and recreational facilities that let residents get to know each other better. Conversely, the more ‘laidback’, country-style options are also available. It’s just a matter of knowing what you want in your neighbourhood.

Budgetary constraints

Generally, builders will provide you a list of standard features and optional custom upgrades. All you have to do is discuss everything clearly with your contractor and make sure you’re aware of the quality of materials to be used to manage your expectations. Minimise change orders as much as possible to avoid significant delay and increases in labour cost. Most importantly, place every single transaction on paper.

Don’t lose the opportunity to own a wonderful home due to unfounded notions. Research every aspect of the home building process thoroughly. Nothing is too big, complicated and overwhelming if you keep your ducks in a row.

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